Michigan Custom Machines was built on servicing the industrial market. When MCM first started back in 1994, some of our first clients were major players in this sector, including companies like Caterpillar. These industrial giants not only valued our expertise in diesel systems, including nozzle-flow testing, they also appreciated our fair pricing and ability to provide large-scale service above and beyond the size of our humble start-up. And because we had nothing to lose, we were always open and eager to try new things and explore the outer limits of what was deemed possible.

Over the years, MCM has worked in various capacities with companies in a vast array of industries to customize and implement precision testing solutions. Among them are:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Over the Road
  • Off-road
  • Construction

That foundation in industry enabled MCM to grow and follow our passion for fearless innovation into other sectors, such as medical, military, aerospace, and automotive. And over the years we’ve been successful in cross-pollenating lessons and insights from the endeavors back into industry. For instance, our extensive work with automotive manufacturers on things like designing testing solutions for fuel-injection systems also instilled a deep understanding of higher volume and the simplified automotive manufacturing process, which we can now bring to our customers in all fields to offer savings in flexibility and reuse.

Another example is one of our latest innovations — The XSTREAM shot-to-shot flowmeter. It’s the only U.S. solution that can measure to the precise requirements of modern fuel-injection systems. Not only is this sparking a revolution in the realm of automotive manufacturing, but the XSTREAM also has far-reaching implications and applications for producing reliable, actionable data in a wide range of industries that need to examine components under real-world conditions to ensure reliability and durability.

Our diversity of experience has taught us that every industry, and every company within those industries, is unique with its own battery of challenges. MCM is eager to dive into to any situation, sit side by side with your people, and design a testing solution that is tailored to your specific needs. And once the machine is designed and built, we are still there to help you implement, integrate, and, if need be, maintain and upgrade that system for the long duration of its life. We are always here for you, true partners in fearless innovation.

We are also “here for you” in that we are one of the few U.S. providers of these types of solutions. That means we can steer clear of international shipping snafus and delays and get you the equipment you need when you need it.

Back when we first started, the big industrial companies indeed loved working with MCM because of our ability to out-perform our relatively small size and our competitive pricing. But they also stuck with us as long-term partners because, while we worked on that massive industrial scale, we did it with a personal, small-business touch. We’ve since grown; we’re no longer a mom-and-pop shop. But we haven’t lost that emphasis on interpersonal relationships and giving our clients the time and attention they need, no matter the job, big or small.