Since we design and build everything in house and are limited to virtually nothing, we sometimes encounter the situation where a particular piece of hardware does not exist for our application. In this case the application was fuel injector timing measurement.

The result was our Universal timing module that has become one of our few “standard” products. This module can be used to measure other timing events as well in the range of 0-10ms with a resolution of 0.1 microsecond. Jumper configurations on the board allow for various input configurations including a “cascaded” mode where several of these units can be chained together to perform multiple measurements for one event such as split injection timing.

  • Measurement resolution to 0.1 microseconds
  • Snap track mount or panel mount enclosure
  • Jumper configuration allows polarity selection
  • BCD data output is standard
  • Optional analog data output available
  • Years of proven use in the field demonstrates reliability
  • Accepts a variety of means to determine terminating event
  • Unit can handshake if necessary to accommodate slow data collection
  • Unit operates on 15-30 VDC