This machine performs an end of line test on a rocker arm used in a diesel engine. This rocker arm is unique in that it is part of an integral, engine compression brake system and has special machined oil passages machined into it. For the brake to work properly, the machining has to be very accurate and verified before the rocker arm is assembled into the rest of the mechanism. Our machine actuates the rocker arm as it would be in the engine and measures the stroke and angle that the special features of the rocker arm are designed to perform. This all happens in real time using high speed data acquisition with an MCM designed displacement fixture and Cam Box to perform the measurement.

The product spills oil as it operates, so the fixture is housed within a containment chamber that automatically closes during testing so that the operator and interior of the machine remain clean. The machine records test results and associates them with a bar code that the operator must scan in before the testing can begin.