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As one of the few exclusive custom U.S manufacturers of advanced test machines, Michigan Custom Machines provides complete engineered solutions for the automotive and general industrial component and systems manufacturers. We fully design, build, integrate and support our specialized systems to your specifications, allowing you to elevate and better guarantee the performance, quality, and efficiency of your products. With the recent purchase of MCM by Automation Controls & Engineering of Howell, MI, our proven expertise in hydraulics, controls, electronics, fixture design, and system integration, strengthens our ability to provide you with full, in-house, turn-key systems for your unique and/or complex challenges. By offering complete in-house, single-source handling, assembly, and test solutions, we can accelerate the completion of your projects under one roof and facilitate that kind of quality, customer-focused innovation that is expected, to drive you and your company to the next level.

MCM, An ACE Automation Company

XSTREAM Flowmeter Is Revolutionizing Fuel-Injection Testing

  • A shot-to-shot flowmeter that provides reliable, actionable data beyond current industry standards
  • Delivers the most precise measurements
  • Backed by MCM’s renowned onsite training and support

Engineered Solutions

MCM designs turnkey product-testing equipment that exceeds standards, whether it’s in the lab or on the factory floor. We specialize in hydraulics, but often work in other areas, such as electronics and controls. Our goal is to produce to your specifications — and often use our experience and expertise to innovate beyond the specs to give you optimal results. We partner with you through every stage of production to ensure success.

Product Development

Our testing machines are ideal for the earliest stage of manufacturing: Product development. We sit down with you to build the most precise lab equipment to provide the benchmarks that will ensure performance, durability, and overall effectiveness of your product. And because we build with an eye toward the future, our machines are also versatile and resilient enough to be used in product development for decades.


Outside of the lab, many of our machines are designed to be part of the assembly line to measure line efficiency and effectiveness. Our expertise enables us to seamlessly integrate with your operations, collect and display data in a clear and easy-to-use fashion, and add value to any component of your systems.


It’s vital to periodically test the durability of your product. Our lab machines are designed to simultaneously operate several components and simulate any extenuating circumstance that your product might reasonably encounter, including extreme temperatures, excessive pressures, high speeds, and disproportionate load and flow. These tests not only ensure your product enjoys a long lifespan, but they can also reinforce your standards of quality.

Build to Print

MCM also offers contract manufacturing. We will take your designs and manufacture and test your product to your specific delivery needs. We also offer value engineering to streamline cost and process. This frees you up from the overhead of manufacturing and savings on materials, while giving you flexibility and local control.

“The line performance was excellent and your organization did a great job. I am really happy that this project has gone well – as you know our folks are very demanding/particular with regard to test stand performance – getting an ‘A+’ from this group is not easy.”

Todd Zacreski, President of HUSCO International, Inc.

Industries Served


One of our core strengths is hydraulic fluid power, which gives us keen insight on the fuel systems and oil-powered engine components, like fuel injection, brakes, and transmission valves. But in addition to our expertise in gas and diesel, MCM also has extensive experience in the electrical vehicle arena, rounding out our knowledge of every component of the modern automotive drive train.


When lives are on the line, precision and reliability are essential. That’s why MCM offers a comprehensive way to test various medical equipment — from implantable devices to ultrasounds to defibrillators — ensuring the comfort, health, and safety of patients everywhere.

Oil and gas

The world is constantly looking for cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient energy sources. MCM is continually developing the techniques and devices that make that possible, partnering with companies in this sector to power us all into the future.


Our vast experience with fluid power and nozzle systems makes MCM a natural fit for today’s jet propulsion systems. With our intimate knowledge of pressure control, flow measurement, and nozzle operation, we have the unique talent to elevate companies in this budding industry into the stratosphere.


Our military is always there for our protection. As the sole U.S. manufacturer of advanced test machines, MCM is always there for our military. We are proud to ensure the utmost reliability and longevity in their equipment, whether it’s testing body armor or military simulation machines. Some of our innovations were implemented more than 20 years ago and are still performing at peak levels to keep our nation safe.


The core of our business is helping your business. Whether it’s automotive, agricultural, mining, manufacturing, or something in between, our machines help you achieve higher efficiency, longer durability, increased production, and lower cost. Plus, through quality control, we protect what’s most important to you — your reputation.


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