Aerospace Testing Machines & Equipment

Michigan Custom Machines designs and builds advanced custom test machines for the aerospace industry.

Due to strict aerospace regulations and specifications, we understand how important it is that our operations and aerospace test equipment are up to standard. Our aerospace testing machines and equipment are custom built to meet your ISO specifications. Have special requirements? We are happy to help with those too!

We have wide-ranging experience providing research and development, End-of-Line test equipment, and endurance test machines for aerospace applications.

Our aerospace testing machines and equipment are often used with the following applications.

Aerospace Applications & Test Machines:

  • Hydraulic testing machines
  • Air flow resistance testing machines
  • Power Unit Testing
  • Spray Injectors

We also have experience in fluid power and control with nozzle systems. We know how sophisticated today’s fuel nozzles and subassemblies can be and how it is a crucial part to your engine &aircraft performance.

Our knowledge of pressure controls, flow measurement systems, bearing endurance test machines, fuel injection systems and more combined with our extensive background in the aerospace testing industry is unbeatable.