When you are defying gravity, there is no margin for error.

That’s why Michigan Custom Machines designs and installs precision testing solutions for the aerospace industry. Our expertise in hydraulics, controls, and air-flow resistance enables us to customize turnkey testing machines that can simulate real-world conditions and ensure your components and products perform beyond the strict industry safety regulations and specifications. We remove the burden of testing, so you are free to focus on innovation in your field.

MCM’s experience at every phase, from research and development to end-of-line performance and endurance testing, can be used in a wide range of aerospace applications, including:

  • Hydraulic Testing
  • Air-flow Resistance Testing
  • Power Unit Design and Build
  • Spray Injection

Plus MCM has extensive experience with pressure controls, flow measurement systems, bearing endurance testing, fuel injection systems, and more. We know the most modern nozzle systems and subassemblies, so we can provide solutions that optimize the fluid power and control that is so vital to the performance your engine and aircraft.

With MCM as your copilot in fearless innovation, your company can soar and reach new heights you never thought possible.