Turbocharger Production Test Machine


This machine production tests turbo chargers for full functionality using cold air. Surprisingly, not many OEM’s functionally test their turbo chargers before they leave the manufacturing plant despite the staggering number of warranty returns in the industry. This solution provides a sure-fire solution for accomplishing warranty reduction

The turbo charger testing machine is designed with two pallets at the front that allow one turbo to be loaded and unloaded while the other is being tested.Articulation on the pallets allow easier loading and unloading by an operator and float on a track system that allows them to easily be manipulated by the operator. The pallet is automatically drawn into the machine where it is automatically clamped up and the turbo intake and exhaust ports on the compressor and turbine are automatically engaged. The oil supply ports and electrical connector is also automatically engaged.

A barcode scanner automatically reads the turbo as it is presented and ties this number to test results that are also stored on the machine for later retrieval. The turbo is tested for leakage in both the turbine and compressor housings as well as performance hysteresis, actuator response time and actuator oil consumption. High volume compressed air is used to spin the turbine while the pressure drop is controlled to a target. Mass airflow is measured on both the compressor and turbine side of the test part as well as air pressure, oil flow and oil pressure. The vane actuator RMS current is also measured.