End of Line (EOL) Test Machines for…


From injector actuation and measurement devices to complete test systems, we engineer solutions that elevate product quality with extensive experience in diesel, gas, gasoline port, and direct injection fuel systems and components.


We build machines that simplify the complexity of product testing pressure sensors, cam phasing mechanisms, cylinder deactivation valves, oil control valves, turbo chargers, alternators, pumps, and starters.


With advances in propulsion and electrification, cooling components like radiators, charge air coolers (CAC), condensers, and coolant pumps are more important than ever. MCM builds test machines for fearless innovation and quality assurance.


Having built machines for product testing complete valve bodies, pressure control valves, pressure switches and selection valves -- we know transmissions and engineer solutions as a partner for the future of your business.


If it doesn’t exist, we make it! Sometimes the device we need isn’t available. Solutions that fire fuel injectors, drive control valves, and perform signal conditioning are classic examples of MCM solutions engineered to simplify complexity.


Ancillary components aren’t part of the powertrain but are part of the OEM solution. We partner to build machines that elevate quality with the same thoughtful design and precision applied to all MCM engineered solutions.


Our solutions often involve light assembly based on measured accuracy. Whether it be a physical measurement, performance measurement or characterization, we partner to integrate the testing process into a commercial solution.


When a new product is being developed, durability testing is required. We engineer machines for unattended operation that cycle and monitor the new product under test conditions while storing performance information.