Diesel Fuel Injector Testing Machine


This diesel fuel injector testing machine was designed to assemble and test a complete diesel fuel injector all in a self-contained package with a small footprint. A single operator loads pallets with the individual components that make up the injector. As the pallet passes through the machine, the injector is incrementally assembled and tested for different characteristics and marked for identification. The design is flexible to accommodate future product design and increased product throughout. The entire package is also easy to move in a short period of time.

  • Accommodates several injector products with minimal changeover.
  • Pallets are tracked with RF tags meaning that pallet order is unimportant and can be random.
  • Each test station pulls out on slides so that the hydraulics can be easily serviced.
  • Machine logs all test results to local hard drive.
  • Machine vision verifies stamping on body against currently selected part parameters.
  • Designed for one man operation.
  • Functional test station performs mass flow, VOP, guide leak and tip leak tests selectively and in any order.
  • Assembly station uses a multi axis robot to select shims from forty different magazines.
  • These magazines can be loaded in any position, as the machine will learn what shim thickness has been installed. This robot also installs the cap in a nut runner.
  • Assembly station uses an encoder to measure every shim prior to installation to guarantee that the correct shim was installed.
  • Sensors detect the presence of an o-ring that should have been installed on the part.
  • Each station can be manually operated for debugging.
  • Pallets can be routed to one station only, all of them or any combination. This is useful for running masters or marking parts.
  • One hydraulic power unit provides temperature conditioned calibration fluid to all of the stations.
  • All filters have two stage differential pressure switches to provide an early warning of filter failure.
  • Automatic plant fill circuit refills the calibration fluid tank from a plant feed, when the tank becomes low.
  • Spare station slots can accommodate redundant stations for faster throughput or different stations so that products can be intermixed in the future.