We have extensive experience testing in the components or subassemblies that comprise today’s modern automotive drive train. Whether it be in the Gasoline, Diesel or Electric vehicle arenas, we have been there. We have a particular strength in hydraulic fluid power which applies to Fuel Systems and oil powered engine components.


The medical field is one of the most high-risk industries to serve, making the use of perfectly functioning instruments and devices crucial. A patient’s comfort and health are drastically impacted by any type of product failure, which is why Michigan Custom Machines prides itself on offering complete testing of various medical devices.


With the demand for less expensive energy sources and less expensive ways of getting it, new techniques and devices are constantly being developed. Our solutions help manufacturers in this segment, develop the best and most robust solutions for the industry, allowing the end user to realize a greater savings.


We have extensive experience with fluid power and control with nozzle systems. Today’s modern jet propulsion uses sophisticated fuel nozzles and subassemblies that are crucial to engine performance. Our knowledge of pressure control, flow measurement and nozzle operation in conjunction with the rest of our background provides the perfect blend of talent to our aerospace customers.


Today’s military demands the utmost in reliability and longevity in its equipment. Our equipment is built to last decades and in fact many of our machines are still being used on a daily basis for over 20 years now. Whether it be for development or support, we are there for our military.


We cater heavily to the industrial market. Using our extensive experience in the higher volume, automotive manufacturing process, we bring this to the same simplified process to our customers with lower annual volume requirements with the savings in flexibility and reuse. Whether in the over the road, off road, mining, agricultural and construction equipment segments, we have a solution that will fit you.