Injector Nozzle Test Machine


We have made several versions of fuel injector nozzle machines for diesel fuel injectors. These machines are mainly for production use and can be configured in a variety of ways, such as single or multiple heads as well as automatic loading.

We build a variety of these diesel fuel nozzle testing machines, configured specifically for your needs. Variations include single or multiple heads, multiple fluids, continuous or intermittent flow, automatic loading and anything else you can think of.

Typical machines are capable of flowing 6kg/Min of calibration fluid at 55 MPa for approximately 30 seconds. Alternately we can sustain a 14 kg/Min fuel nozzle at 55MPa for an indefinite length of time! While measuring flow through a nozzle, we maintain pressure at the nozzle inlet within 3-10 kPa! The machine also performs a VOP (Valve opening pressure)test, leak down test, tip leak test and Buzz test. The buzz test chatters the nozzle group at 2-10 Hz and makes several VOP measurements to report an average and sigma. The entire test cycle takes 30-35 seconds.

Provide us your requirements and we’ll provide you a solution that fits your needs and budget.

  • Nozzle testing weeds out bad nozzle before they are incorporated into the fuel injector and saves costly tear down and rebuilds.
  • Fast test cycle allows machine to outpace injector testing, leaving room for testing other products.
  • Universal fixturing allows fast changeover between several different product types.
  • Self-extracting fixturing makes part insertion and removal a breeze for the operator.
  • Two headed versions can be built with separate tanks so that different fluids may be used on each side.