This machine performs a production test on a high capacity oil pump. The pump is particularly heavy for an operator so we have included an articulated hoist inside of the test chamber that can extend out to a cart when the pump us rolled up to the machine. The fixture in the test area is designed to interface with the pump input shaft when it is put into place. The operator makes manual fluid connections to the bulkheads and an electrical connection to the pump if required. The machine measures torque, speed, output flow, case drain flow, output pressure, inlet pressure and temperature. Fluid to the part is temperature controlled and optionally pressure controlled. Depending on the part, pressure (or vacuum head) is controlled or naturally created by the pump. Performance at several points is measured and the data is stored to the MES system with a corresponding bar code for later retrieval. We have made several different pump tests in various configurations. Give us a call to create on for you!

• 45 HP Drive Motor
• Mist collection in the test chamber
• Temperature controlled oil
• Charge pump selectable per parameters
• Articulated hoist for loading parts
• Self contained