Build to Print

Manufacturing your own products in house may not be the most cost effective or best use of your resources. With the increase in manufacturing strategies and technological advances, in-house production/fabrication may not be the most constructive solution, which is why MCM now offers Contract Manufacturing (Build to Print). We will take your designs and drawings to manufacture and final test [...]

Celebration of 25 Years

In celebration of MCM’s 25th anniversary, we had a company-wide outing to the Detroit Tigers baseball game on a sunny Thursday afternoon. We were able to reminisce about how MCM got started, where it is today, and our future within the automotive and industrial test equipment business. MCM has emerged as a world-class leader in design and build of [...]

MCM: Your Partner in Testing EV & Alternative Fuel Components

Change and uncertainty can be worrisome, especially in an industry with over a century of conventional gasoline and diesel powertrain technology. A rapidly accelerating drive for new transportation and propulsion methods means changes for OEMs and suppliers alike. Whether it be R&D, validation testing, or manufacturing of these new technologies, there are several areas which require extra scrutiny and [...]