This machine has two stations designed to spin a wheel hub under radial and axial loads for extended periods of time. The machine is completely programmable and can be adapted to several different wheel hub styles.

This bench has two independent stations designed to pin a wheel hub bearing under variable axial and radial loads. The cycle profile is programmable and allows for axial loading, radial loading, axle speed and vibration thresholds as cycle criteria. The load is generated by hydraulic power and controlled by independent servo valves closed loop to axial and radial force.

The fixture is adjustable so that different diameter bearings can be accommodated, in some cases requiring a tooling changeover. The software samples the control variables and logs the information to the hard drive for later retrieval. A graph is also shown in real time as to the status of the test. In the event that there is excessive vibration from a failing bearing, the machine will shut itself down.