This machine production tests a truck transmission valve body for performance functionality. Manually loaded and unloaded by an operator, the part is automatically engaged, clamped and submerged in transmission fluid to be tested in a simulated vehicle environment.


  1. A control module is placed on a custom pallet by the machine operator.
  2. From there, the pallet is pushed into a test chamber and the operator holds down palm buttons to close a safety door and initiate the test
  3. The fluid level in the test bath is maintained and is temperature controlled to 1 degree Celsius.
  4. When the test is complete, the tank level is dropped below the level of the part and the air is blown through the part to remove and recover as much transmission fluid as possible.
  5. A drainage rack on the outside of the machine allows tested parts to sit and drain externally to farther recover any test fluid.
  • Pressure control valves
  • Clutch engagement valves and lubrication valves by measuring flows
  • Shift valves
  • Pressures and valve current in the test sequence
  • Check for the temperature sensor, hydraulic dampeners and hall effect switch for functionality