This machine conditions transmission fluid from -40 degrees C to 150 degrees C and delivers it, in a pressure controlled fashion to a test specimen inside an environmental chamber

This bench was designed to condition transmission fluid in a target range of -40 Degrees C to 150 degrees C and supply it in a pressure controlled manner to a test specimen in a supplied thermal test chamber. Depending on temperature target, flows up to 6 GPM can be achieved. The unit is self contained as a package and interfaces with the customer’s data collection and controls. The unit requires cooling water and has its own two stage refrigeration system. Coriolis style flowmeters are used to measure flow rate to the test part.

Transmission fluid at these low temperatures becomes a solid which makes this application one of the more difficult ones. Note in the picture of the open hydraulic tank at -29C, a solid bar of steel stands vertically in the tank without falling over. Because of these extremes, the machine control considers the temperature and flow of the fluid and the new target to appropriately control and protect the system from damaging itself.