Rotating Control Device (RCD) Seal Durability Tester


The MCM Rotating Control Device (RCD) durability machine is used to validate functionality / durability of RCDs prior to being installed in the field. This machine performs static, dynamic and stripping tests. Ensuring the seal integrity prior to installation potentially saves thousands of dollars and downtime. Full data logging, programmable test sequences and automation, as well as multiple testing speeds and pressures allow a wide range of possible testing configurations. This unique machine provides a new level of pre-installation security for large drilling operations in the oil, natural gas, and other industries that had been previously unavailable.

RCD technology has become a key element in the mining / drilling industry. The stripper element rotates with the drill string, while a robust steel housing and bearing assembly provide control of the flow by diverting the drill cuttings, fluids and gases away from the rig. RCDs create a pressure-tight barrier in the wellbore annulus that enables safe fluid containment and diversion, a vital defense against drilling hazards. As a critical element of managed pressure drilling (MPD) systems, RCDs provide an additional line of defense to protect your personnel and your assets.