This system tests and calibrates pressure transducers in high volume using high pressure air. The parts are loaded and unloaded by a single operator and tracked by bar code as they are transferred through the system. Air pressure is controlled up to 50 Bar at 0.01% percent stability at several points and at room temperature. Data from the transducer is collected and stored for later use. The parts are then transferred to an oven for a period of time until they reach target temperature. Once at target they are exposed to the same pressures and ac curacies at the high temperature. New calibration coefficients are calculated and flashed to the test part. The parts are then transferred to a final test station where verification of the flash and accuracy takes place.

Good parts are then routed to a laser marker and the part is marked with final production information. Lastly the parts are sorted into lanes for rework, audit or pack-out. All of this is automated to serve as a complete calibration and test system.