Gasoline Fuel Injector Driver


The purpose of the Programmable Gasoline injector module or “PGIM” is to provide the consumer with a universal means of firing any gasoline PFI fuel injector in a manner that duplicates the OEM waveform characteristics. The board has various connection options as well as the ability to communicate with a PC or PLC or operate in a standalone operation.

Module Features:

  • Programmable waveform through Ethernet I/P port.
  • Manually configurable waveform through selector switches
  • Card Edge and terminal wiring options
  • Perfect OEM waveform duplication
  • Able to synchronize with external logic signal
  • Ethernet I/P communication protocol allows easy interface to machine controls.
  • Protection for open or shorted Injector connection
  • Zener voltage applied during current drop from pull-in current to hold-in current, and current drop when turning off
  • Sensing resistor included for external measurements