This general accessory testing machine assembles a vapor tube subassembly by inserting a fitting onto a flexible tube and then plugs the end to perform a leak test. The machine is manually loaded by an operator and assembles two sub assemblies in 10 seconds.

Failed parts must pass through reject chute for guaranteed containment of non-conforming product. Fixturing will not allow another test to run until failed part is placed in containment area. This unique fixture grasps a section of the corrugated tube using some very subtle features on its profile. Our fixture design uses wafers that are pinned together for location that are able to mimic the complicated profile of the test part. It also allows maximum flexibility for future versions of tubing.

  • MCM designed Plasmadized flaring tools quickly flare tubing for connector insertion
  • Verifies fitting insertion with laser micrometer at cross section
  • Measures very low flow rates <10 cc/min
  • Passed parts are marked to verify 100% test