This Fuel Pump Module Test Bench is custom designed to test 84 fuel pump modules (or fuel delivery modules) simultaneously with various fuels in an explosion proof environment. Tests can be performed on groups of six across fourteen different baths with independent fuels and temperatures. Operation is unattended and designed for thousands of hours between tests.

Our Fuel Pump Module Test Bench is intended to durability test and product validate fuel pump modules for automotive applications. A maximum of 84 fuel pumps can be tested in groups of six per bath. Each bath is individually temperature and level controlled and can accommodate a wide range of fuels. Each pump is individually controlled, loaded and monitored throughout the testing cycle which could last for thousands of unattended hours.

Each bath can operate in a level controlled mode with nitrogen blanket or “flooded” seal mode. There are accommodations for vapor recovery, thermal expansion fuel boil off. Operator interfaces at each of the 14 baths allow the operator to easily monitor or calibrate locally, while an overall interface at the console give complete aspects to all of the machine function. The Fuel Pump Module Test Bench is completely explosion proof, intrinsically safe and fitted with fire suppression.