This machine was designed to production test fan clutches for large engines. Consideration was taken to accommodate several different clutch designs as well as different fan diameters and pitch. The clutch is driven by a 200 HP motor through a drive belt that has automatic tension control. Through part parameters, the direction of the drive can be selected for testing. The mounting fixture was designed with a bayonet so that tooling changes between products is easy. An articulated hoist and boom are provided for aiding the operator in loading and unloading the fixture, as the test parts can be heavy. A foot switch allows the operator to open and close the fixture collet, freeing their hands for maneuvering the test part when loading and unloading. Each part is bar code scanned and this data is saved with the test results for future traceability. The machine controls drive speed and measures actual fan speed using optical technology. During testing the machine can not only command the level of clutch engagement, but also control the fan speed to a target independent of drive speed. This machine was designed for safety as well and utilizes interlocks on all the doors the keep the operator from harm during testing. Give us a call to discuss your specialty test equipment needs!