This machine was designed with development in the laboratory in mind. This machine simulates a hot, temperature controlled oil sump and drives an oil pump, vacuum pump or both and then makes performance measurements.

The machine has a temperature and level controlled sump that conditions motor oil up to 160 degrees Celsius in a sump. The test article is connected to a fixture with a spindle that allows the rotation of the test part. Load on the oil pump is programmable and controlled by the machine. The vacuum pump is tested by drawing down on a known volume that is also part of the machine and configurable. A controlled leak is programmable and the machine will set a flow path to simulate a known airflow leak to accompany a test. The software is designed to run experiments so for example the vacuum pump test could sweep a speed and graph the vacuum generated over time.

The test chamber is designed to lock while the sump is above unsafe temperatures. For access to the part, the test chamber hood slides into the test machine allowing access to all sides of the test fixture and the ability to use a hoist to lift a part into place.