This machine durability tests 4 DCT clutches simultaneously. What is impressive is that transmission fluid is being delivered to the DUT via 4 separate channels while it is spinning. Guarding contains fluid during testing and redirects it back to the tank. The machine is designed to run unattended for extended durability runs and can text the operator in the event of a failure. Do you have similar needs in short order? We can customize our solution to fit your requirements! Give us a call to discuss.

• 4 Stations rotated simultaneously
• Speeds up to 14,000 RPM
• Four fluid paths to DCT through spindle
• (1) LP Pilot Pressure Common Fixed or Individual Control
• (3) HP Pilot Pressure Common Fixed High or Low selectable on each port
• 100 HP Motor
• Measures spindle Speed, Pressure, HP Flow, LP Flow, Vibration, temperature of bearings on each station
• Temperature controlled fluid to the DCT

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