This engine component testing machine performs an automated functional test at the end on an assembly line for a high production hydraulic proportional valve used for controlling variable valve timing. The configuration is serviced by a robot for loading and unloading four stations, but can also be run manually if the robot is down.

This cam phasing valve testing machine drives the valve with a specially designed MCM piece of hardware, sweeping the product through its control range and back. Pressure drop is maintained at 58 PSI within 1/2 PSI while the flow, RMS current and pressure is monitored. The curves are collected and post processed to yield, valve hysteresis, max flow, leakage, and null position among other measurements. The machine also has a blow-out fixture that is automatically loaded to clear the test part of any test oil before packaging.

Machine completely stores valve curves and test results for later retrieval and evaluation. Test cycle is approximately 30 seconds per head. There are two heads per machine and a system consists of two machines mirrored back to back. One system yields a tested part every 8 seconds. Modular design lends to easy integration in to assembly lines.